The battle of Aubers Ridge began on 9 May 1915, when the First British Army made a two-pronged attack on the German line that ran from just south of Neuve Chapelle to Bois Grenier, some three miles north of Fromelles.


At 0500 hours six hundred artillery weapons opened fire followed forty minutes later by an infantry advance. The southern prong consisting of the Indian and 1 Corps aimed towards Aubers Ridge while that of IV Corps, 6,000 yards to the north, headed for Fromelles


The barrage was inaccurate and short of shells, the German wire had not been cut and no small-arms supporting fire had been arranged for the advance.


Little or no progress was made and by 0300 hours the following morning all of the British troops were back where they  had started and nearly 12,000 officers and men were casualties.


The battlefield tour takes about 1 hour.


The full story is given in our Western Front-North Guide-Book.