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Battlefield Guide - the Battle of le Cateau 1914
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The le Cateau Battlefield with Google Map showing the locations of some memorials





The Battle

The 26 August 1914 battle of le Cateau was the last of the old style 'one day' battles. Following the BEF's defeat in its first battle of the war at Mons, the British fell back to the south pursued by the Germans. Just after dawn three confused days later, on the anniversary of the battle of Crecy, von Kluck's army caught Smith-Dorrien's tired II Corps at le Cateau. Smith-Dorrien decided to stay and to fight - against the orders of Sir John French the C in C. After a morning's battle the retreat continued. British casualties were about 8,000 men and 38 guns. German casualties are estimated at 9,000.

The Battlefield Tour

This takes two and a half hours and can be based around the town of Cambrai. Among the many visits are the International Cemetery and the grave of the poet Wilfrid Owen whose mother learned of his death on the day that the Armistice was declared. Detailed information on memorials and actions, as well as travel directions is accompanied by an in-text map.



It contains full details of the battle and a precise battlefield tour with many coloured photographs and an in-text map.


View The le Cateau Battlefield in a larger map

If you enlarge the Google map using the link below you can see exactly where three of the memorials are and also get a brief description of each of them.

There are many other memorials which are described in our book which you can examine by clicking on the cover picture above. This tour can readily be done after doing the Mons battlefield which is the correct chronological sequence.