The city of Bayeux lies some 5 miles behind GOLD Beach, one of the British D Day Landing Beaches, and approximately half way along the whole invasion area'


The D Day mission of the British 50th Northumbrian Division , which landed on GOLD Beach, included the taking of Bayeux, and recce patrols of the 151st Brigade of the Division entered the outskirts of the city around 2030 hours on 6 June.


By mid-day on the following day troops of the 56th Brigade including tanks, entered Bayeux, the Germans having withdrawn without contesting the city streets. One week later General de Gaulle came to Bayeux and accompanied by rapturous citizens paraded through the streets.


Almost adjacent to the Bayeux Memorial Museum, are the British Memorial and Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery, the largest WW2 British cemetery in France.


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