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Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide Books

Battle of the Hindenburg Line

Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide Books And Maps

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This battle and 12 others are covered in our Western Front - South Guide Book

The Battle

The Breaking of the Hindenburg Line was a truly multi-national allied affair. The German defensive position to which the Germans had withdrawn in March 1917 was known to them as the Siegfried Line and probably its most formidable section was that just above St Quentin.

At 0555 hours on 29 September 1918 the British 46th Division and the American 27th and 30th Divisions set off behind a creeping barrage to attack the Hindenburg Line defences along the St Quentin Canal tunnel complex.The 46th Division broke the Line by nightfall and the Americans, fighting with the 2nd, 3rd and 5th Australian Divisions did so on the following day.

The Battlefield Tour

The book describes a tour that includes the American Memorial at Bellicourt, the haunting Riqueval Tunnel and much more.There is a sketch map, coloured photographs and detailed travel directions.



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