In September 1944 Operation Market Garden planned to capture, with airborne forces, a string of bridges in German occupied Holland, and then to run an armoured column over them into Germany.


The plan failed at the bridge at Arnhem, and Cornelius Ryan wrote a splendid account of the operation which he called A Bridge Too Far, which was later made into a film.


The bridge before the one at Arnhem was the one over the River Waal at Nijmegen, and that was taken in a combined assault by the American 504th PIR at one end and the Grenadier Guards at the other.


But there is a lot of controversy about it, which we explore in our book, Major & Mr's Battlefield Guide Operation Market-Garden/Arnhem, including the incident where American Captain T Moffatt Burriss claims to have drawn his gun on Captain Peter Carrington, later Lord Carrington.


Wrapped with the book is a four colour doule sided map showing the entire battlefield