Major and Mrs Holt's
Battlefield Guide Books & Maps - the Americans at

Ste Mere Eglise, D Day, 6 June 1944





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A Brief Summary of what happened at Ste Mere Eglise


On D Day 6 June 1944 the Allies landed on the Normandy coast of France to begin the Liberation of Europe. The sea-borne forces landed on five separate beaches named west to east, UTAH, OMAHA, GOLD, JUNO and SWORD.

The German defences along the shoreline were strong and made much use of concrete bunkers and machine-gun nests. At UTAH beach where the American  4th Infantry Division landed, things were made particularly difficult because behind was low-lying swamp ground and only five small roads led from the beach across it

Two American airborne divisions, the 82nd 'All American' and the 101st 'Screaming Eagles', were tasked to drop beyond the beach and to secure the exits, one of which led to the village of Ste Mere Eglise.



The very small section of map above is taken from our large (19" X 29") fold-out map which can be chosen as a free item at check out.

Printed on both sides in four colours - one side the American beaches and the other the British and Canadian - the  positions of hundreds of memorials are shown and fully indexed so that they can be found.

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What happened at Ste Mere Eglise is covered in detail in our book.