The battle of Loos was the last battle in which the

BEF was commanded by Sir John French, and the one in which John Kipling, the son of the famous author Rudyard Kipling, disappeared.


On 25 September 1915 as part of the French Artois offensive, Douglas Haig's 1st Army attacked German positions at Loos. The British used gas for the first time causing many casualties to their own side. There were no significant positive results and the affair provoked the forced resignation of Sir John French. British casualties were 43,000, German 20,000.


John Kipling

The three hours battlefield tour includes a visit to St Marys ADS Cemetery where the supposed body of John Kipling is buried. On a personal note we believe that the 'identification' is unsafe and should be reversed. We have studied the evidence in our biography of John Kipling, 'My Boy Jack?'


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