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The Battle of Mons 23 August 1914 - Western Front North


The battle of Mons

This was the first battle of the war for the BEF which faced the invading German armies along a defensive line along the Conde Canal running through the northern outskirts of the Belgium town of Mons.

The German attack began at 0830 from the north & by mid-afternoon the British were forced to withdraw with 1,600 casualties. German casualties are variously estimated at between 3,000 and 15,000.During the fighting the first two VCs of the war were won near the bridge over the canal at Nimy and by odd coincidence when the fighting stopped on 11 November 1918 allied forces were once again in the Mons area prompting a memorial to the first and last British shots of the war.

The battlefield tour

This takes two and a half hours and includes a visit to the unusual and particularly beautiful St Symphorien Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery and to Ville sur Haine where there is a memorial to Pte Price the last Canadian soldier to die on the Western Front.  We also take a look at the story of the Angels of Mons - were there any?

Mons is about 120 miles from Calais and connected all the way by motorways. There are detailed travel directions, historical notes, an in-text map and coloured photographs.





The book describes the battle of Mons and 13 other battles along the northern part of the Western Front.

Cover of the guide book to the battlefields of the Western Front - north

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This is an oil painting done by a soldier in 1915 which shows his idea of the Angels saving the BEF

This is the First and Last Shots Memorial, often mistakenly thought to mark the first and last shots of the war. It refers to the First Shots of the BEF.