The First Battle of the River Marne followed the brief battle at le Cateau after which the Germans pursued the retreating British and French armies towards Paris.


On 3 September 1914 they forced crossings over the Marne thus threatening the Capital and prompting a French counter-attack that began on 5 September. Following fighting that stretched between Paris and Verdun the Germans withdrew towards the River Aisne and by 12 September were back roughly where they had been at the end of August.


Estimated losses for the French were 250,000 and for the Germans 200,000. British losses were just over 1,000.


The battlefield tour, which takes six and a half hours and covers 100 miles, follows the BEF retreat from the River Aisne to la Ferte sous Jouarre on the River Marne and includes a visit to Nery where L Battery made a famous stand and three VCs were won.


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