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Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide Books

The Kaiser's Battle - a brief summary

Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide Books And Maps

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This battle and 12 others are covered in our  Western Front - South Guide Book


The Battle 

The Kaiser's Offensive was the Germans' last throw of the dice. Following a five hour bombardment by over 6,000 guns, on 21 March 1918 one million German soldiers attacked along a front of nearly fifty miles opposite the British Third and Fifth Armies.

Gough's Fifth Army, between Amiens and St Quentin, gave way and when the offensive was finally halted, in fighting that involved the world's first tank versus tank battle near Villers Bretonneux, Ludendorff had penetrated forty miles into the Allied lines, taken over 1,000 guns and inflicted more than 200,000 casualties. Though they came in plain sight of Amiens the Germans never got there. Their casualties were also nearly 200,000. General Gough was made the scapegoat for the near defeat of the Fifth Army and replaced.

The Battlefield Tour

The battlefield tour takes five and a half hours beginning in St Quentin and visits the remains of some German jump-off trenches, crosses the river Somme and covers the ground of the first tank battle - and a great deal more. There is an in-text map and detailed information about memorials, cemeteries, actions and travel directions



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