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Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide Books And Maps
Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide Books And Maps

Guide books and maps of the First & Second World Wars




The Holts’ books have been consistently highly acclaimed in the international, national, local and military press and media. Their Somme and Gallipoli books were used to guide Australian Prime Minister John Howard round those two battlefields and the Normandy book to guide US First Lady, Mrs Bush, round the D-Day Beaches. Professional guides of the areas covered by the books all call them ‘The Bibles’ and they are used and promoted by most of the leading battlefield tour companies, notably :

Here is a small sample of the comments that Major and Mrs Holt's guide books and biographies have received over the years:


Can there be two people who know more about First World War battlefields than Tonie and Valmai Holt? The couple, who created the Major & Mrs Holts Battlefield Tours company, now specialise in war publications, using their knowledge gained over 20 years of researching interesting veterans and conducting tours.

The Officer

5.0 out of 5 stars YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH MAJ HOLTS, 13 Aug 2007

If you are doing any battlefield tours you will never go far wrong with getting the books by Holts. Informative, factual, easy to understand and packed with hints and tips - a must for all budding historians



A remarkable work, meticulous, clear and well illustrated.

The Telegraph

A skilful blend of military history and travel guide, this authoritative book is so good as to be indispensable to anyone visiting the Somme today.

Kent Today

This most informative book has been written to help British tourists who visit the Somme battlefields. Painstaking research lies behind it and it contains careful advice on routes, details of places, cemeteries, memorials and feats of arms, with distances and timings between them. Its value is increased by pages of tourist information and advice on tracing individual graves. Here is an excellent guide which has something for us all.

The Field

In a recent survey on why people visited the Somme Battlefields, conducted by the Departmental Comité du Tourisme, having read about the area in Major & Mrs Holts Battlefield Guide to the Somme came out as the number one reason.


A guidebook the quality of which it would be difficult (if not impossible) to better.

WFA Bulletin

Tonie and Valmai Holt have for years been the very best guides to the battlefields of the Great War. Here they share their knowledge in print, with the ultimate guide to that corner of Belgium where a million were wounded and where, of the dead, some 90,000 have no known graves.

The Oxford Times

I think your latest book is quite outstanding and will of course be indispensable for future visits.

Guardian Journalist


Attention to detail and accuracy are Holt hallmarks. Battle strategy and execution are expertly described. Their books are invariably entertaining as well as informative.

Kent Messenger Group

This book is essential reading for anybody contemplating taking their grandchildren to visit the Normandy Landing Beaches. It is the most detailed and comprehensive guidebook yet produced. The facts are interlaced with anecdotes of bravery, humour, sadness and humanity. The book is packaged with an admirable map. Highly recommended and well worth the money.’

Guards Magazine


Map drawn with admirable clarity and full of detail. The text is admirably clear, with an enormous amount of detail.

RUSI Journal

For the pilgrim and armchair traveller alike Major & Mrs Holts Battlefield Guide to Gallipoli promises a wealth of information. Included with the linen-look book is a superb foldout, fully indexed double-sided map.

Defence Information Bulletin

The book shows meticulous research and eye for the human touch.

East Kent Mercury


Absolutely indispensable for those who visit the area to study the battles of 1944. Produced to the very high standards we have justifiably come to expect.

Guards Magazine

The name Holt is synonymous with good work. The battlefield guide took two years to complete and the final result is a guide that will certainly find its way to a wide group of users. This book, written by people who know their subject, has appeared at exactly the right moment.

Friends of the Airborne Newsletter

The Holts latest book, Operation Market Garden, is undoubtedly the most challenging and almost certainly the best of their five battlefield guides. It is a remarkable distillation of the memories of hundreds of veterans to whom they have spoken over more than 20 years. The Holts have produced an indispensable guidebook with every page underlining the detailed research they have carried out.’

East Kent Mercury


Thanks to books like this one, lovingly created and carefully compiled, we can better understand the many and varied emotions and reactions to terrible events – patriotic, dutiful, questioning, angry, humorous, loving etc – which inspired these remarkable poets.

This England

The book has been assembled with meticulous care and accuracy. It is beautifully produced and printed and a joy to read and handle.

Guards Magazine

There may be better anthologies of Britain’s WW1 poets but this is the best I have ever seen, placing each poem in context. A splendid and moving book of remembrance.

The Legion


Major and Mrs Holt have rendered all students of Kipling, as well as the First World War an outstanding service in this closely researched and eminently readable book. Their evidence is presented impeccably.

RUSI Journal

The remarkable epilogue is given in this absorbing work by Tonie and Valmai Holt, well known through their Battlefield Tours, Guides and Maps. Much of the Holts research was in previously unpublished sources, throwing new light on Kiplings long quest, the final outcome of which he was never to know.

Army Quarterly & Defence Journal

In being almost impossible to put down, this fascinating book resembles a whodunit.

Stand To!

The story of their enquiries unfolds effectively in this book. It is told with a fine eye for detail and the reader is drawn along by the dedication and commitment of the joint authors. They have taken enormous trouble to seek the truth. The book is a most valuable addition to the Kipling library.

Kipling Journal


An affectionate but honest and objective study of a fine and sensitive artist and a courageous soldier.

This England

The life story of this most interesting man is written in a most engaging way, with masses of revealing detail and a profusion of relevant and high-quality illustrations. A really fascinating study of an artist who was much more than just a celebrity from the great War period.

Stand To!




Soldier Magazine


We wish you every success in the future and extend our thanks for your invaluable role in keeping the flame burning, which is so important.

Ex-7th Para Bn, 6 AB, 1944

May I say how much I have enjoyed your books. As a newcomer to WW1 how helpful they have been. I have found difficulty in knowing where to access information. Your books have been an inspiration.

A lady researching her family connections with the war

In September last year my wife and I visited Gallipoli where my father almost died in 1915 and then Normandy where my wifes father was killed in 1944. Your guide books were a wonderful source of information throughout both of these pilgrimages.

A gentleman reader


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