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Foreword by the eminent historian Sir Martin Gilbert
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Published by Pen & Sword Books in limpback. 288 pages. 258 col illustrations.
5 sketch maps. Packaged with the appropriate Battle Map.
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  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • How to Use this Guide
  • Historical Summary
  • Approach One: Calais to Péronne
  • Approach Two: Calais to Amiens
  • Itinerary One: Albert to Ayette
  • Itinerary Two: Albert to Pozières
  • Itinerary Three: Amiens to Bapaume
  • Itinerary Four: Assevillers to Bapaume
  • Itinerary Five: Villers Bretonneux to Montdidier
  • Allied & German War Graves & Commemorative Associations
  • Tourist Information
  • Indexes: Forces, Memorials, Museums etc, War Cemeteries, General



  • … here Noel Chavasse won his first VC
  • … here tank fought tank for the first time
  • … here Jean Cocteau worked with the Red Cross
  •  … here the Red Baron was brought down
  • … here Albert Jacka won his VC

It includes:

  • Historical Summary of the Somme Battles of 1916 and 1918
  • Two different Approach Routes
  • Five timed and measured recommended Itineraries
  • New sections on the American, Australian & French 1917/18 Battles
  • Descriptions of the Commonwealth, French & German War Graves/ MOD PS4/Durand Group/ Somme Assoc/Ross Bastiaan Plaques
  • Useful Tourist Information
  • Full colour illustrations and detailed in-text sketch maps

Packaged with and Map References throughout to Major & Mrs Holt's 1 July 1916 Battle Map of the Somme
This detailed and unique fully-indexed, 4-colour, double-sided map shows modern roads, Battle Line of 1 July 1916, Ground gained 1 July and 17 Nov 1916. The 1918 American, Australian, Canadian, French Sector. Memorials, Museums, Preserved Sites, Allied & German War Cemeteries.





Some of the 250 pictures in the book
Historial de la Grande Guerre Historial de la Grande Guerre
This museum behind the façade of the old château at Péronne has exhibits showing British and Commonwealth, French & German aspects of the Great War on the Somme. It has a cinema, interesting temporary exhibitions and a cafeteria.
The Golden Madonna, AlbertThe Golden Madonna, Albert
During the war the figure of the Virgin Mary on the Basilique in Albert, holding aloft the baby Jesus, was hit by a shell and toppled to a perilous angle over the ruins. Visible for miles around by soldiers on both sides it became the subject of legend. The Allies believed that the war would end the day it fell and the Germans believed that whoever knocked
it down would lose the war. Both were wrong.
 The Lochnagar Crater
The Lochnagar Crater
This huge crater at la Boisselle was blown at 0728 on 1 July 1916 by 185th Tunnelling Coy as part of 'The Great Push'. It was bought by Englishman Richard Dunning in order to preserve this extraordinary vestige of the war and is the site of an annual ceremony on 1 July.
The preserved trenches, Newfoundland Memorial ParkThe preserved trenches, Newfoundland Memorial Park
Here at Beaumont Hamel the Newfoundlanders attacked on 1 July 1916 and sustained horrendous losses for their small community, then separate from Canada. The preserved trenches surround an attractive Visitor's Centre where young Canadian guides are generally available to conduct one around the area.
The 38th (Welsh) Division Memorial
The 38th (Welsh) Division Memorial
This magnificent Welsh dragon is the memorial to the 38th (Welsh) Division who took Mametz Wood (which it overlooks) after bitter and costly struggles on 10 July 1916. The poet David Jones describes the action in his imaginative work, "In Parenthesis."
   Delville Wood Memorial
Delville Wood Memorial
Beyond the South African memorial surmounted by the figures of Castor & Pollux, the1984 Museum can be seen. One of the most popular stops on the Somme there is a well-stocked book and souvenir stall, parking and picnic area here.
Franco-Australian Museum, Villers-BretonneuxFranco-Australian Museum, Villers-Bretonneux
This fascinating museum adjoins the school and has many references to the twinning of the town with Robinvale in Victoria. Links between them are strong and a signed Australian tour route starts from here.
The Ulster TowerThe Ulster Tower
This memorial to the 36th (Ulster ) Division is a replica of the traditional Irish tower that stands in the grounds of the Marquis of Dufferin & Ava at Clandeboy. It marks the site of the gallant charge by the Ulsters of 1 July 1916. Behind it is a Visitors' Centre.

There are 258 coloured illustrations like these in the book - but larger!

Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide Books And Maps