Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide Book to the Western Front - South
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The Battlefields of the Western Front - South





The only guide book covering these First World War battlefields in such detail

Itineraries with times and distances - over 200 photos - historical backgrounds
Thirteen different Battlefield Tours - why go without the book?
Major and Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guide to the Western Front South

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Below are some pictures from the book
The German Cemetery at Rancourt on the Somme battlefield The Pipers Memorial at Longueval on the Somme Battlefield

Far left is the German Cemetery on the Somme at Rancourt Immediately left is the Piper Memorial at


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French memorial to the battle of the Marne at Mondemont
The massive and dramatic French Memorial at Mondemont

 German Medical Bunker Les Eparges in the St Mihiel Salient battlefield



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          German Medical Bunker, Les Eparges

American Church Chateau Thierry

Russian Church St Hilaire on the Champagne Battlefield American Lost Battalion Marker Apremont Meuse-Argonne Battlefield
Stained glass window in the American Memorial Church, Chateau Thierry

The Russian Church at Ste Hilaire

Lost Battalion Marker, Apremont

  • how the Parisian taxi cabs saved the day
  • how the gallant heroes of 'L' Battery hung on
  • where the French Ace, Guynemer was born
  • how men fought hand to hand underground in the dark
  • where Pres Roosevelt's youngest son was shot down
  • how the US Marines took Belleau Wood
  • where the British lost 60,000 casualties in a day
  • where tank first fought versus tank
  • where the poet E.W. Mackintosh is buried
Our Western Front - South Guidebook together with our Western Front - North book covers some 25 battlefields of the First World War

As well as the famous and much-visited major battlefields of the Somme and Verdun the book includes many lesser-known (at least to British visitors) but equally fascinating battlefield sites, such as the American battlefields round Belleau Wood, the stupendous craters at Les Eparges and the Butte de Vauquois, the sites of British participation on the Aisne and in the Forest of Villers Cotterêts.

Together Major & Mrs Holt's Battlefield Guides to the Western Front North and South form the most comprehensive and detailed English-language guide to the WW1 Western Front ever produced.

Covers all WW1 battlefields south of and including the Somme
MAJOR & MRS HOLT'S Concise Illustrated BATTLEFIELD GUIDE to the WESTERN FRONT - SOUTH 2012 Edition
The First Battle of The Marne; St Mihiel Salient: The Formation; The Aisne; Verdun; The Somme; The Chemin des Dames; Cambrai; The Kaiser's Offensive; The Second Battle of the Marne (the Ourcq, Château Thierry, Belleau Wood); Champagne; St Mihiel Salient: The Recapture; The Meuse-Argonne; Breaking the Hindenburg Line


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